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Fresh Metal from Tammela, Finland.




The story of Distractress started in November of 2005 in Tammela when two long-time guitar player friends, Aatu and Miika, had an idea of forming a band. First thing to do was to find a drummer. That turned out to be easy job as Aatu knew Lasse who was studying in same Upper Comprehensive School with us. In those days we were 14-15 year-old-studs.

First gigs were played without a bass player. Later on we found Jape from the very same school. At first Aatu was afraid of asking him to play with us since he wasn’t that much into heavy metal as we were. After one played gig he had to quit due to his another hobbies. Fortunately that turned out to be very good thing – now we had to ask Aatu’s brother Elias to fill up the band. We felt immediately that Elias was the right guy for the job. Since Elias’s joining we know what Distractress really is.

After two years of rehearsing and ten played gigs we went to record our very first demo. Elias and Aleksis switched places in front of microphone. More gigs were played. In august 2008 the band performed at the first TLY open air metal festival ever in Tammela together with their musical heroes, Amoral and Diablo, and many other great bands. Later in october Distractress played as an opening act for Kill The Romance and Medeia in Blue Pool. After a little songwriting break we participated in "Lämppäri Holjille" bandcontest in early '09. We made our way from the tryouts to the final and eventually won the whole thing. Finally in March 2009 we headed to Drop Hammer Studios to breed the second bastard son called "Escalate The Thrill" which contained of three songs. With the assistance of recorder/producer/mixer/masterer Matias Helle, we managed to nail the songs in three days and we couldn't be more satisfied. Matias did great job for us (thanks man!). The sound is killer.

In august 2009 Distractress took it's place as the bandcontest's winner, and opened up for Pete Parkkonen at Holjat Markkinat, one of the biggest musical happenings in region of Forssa.

There's the history part. Now, be ready to provide your ears with killer open-string riffs, ass-kicking drumming, manly vocals, cool melodies and sweet solos - all you have to do is press the play button. You're 'bout to find out what Tammela-made heavy metal sounds like.



Genre: Metalli

Profiili luotu: 01.07.2009.
Päivitetty: 14.10.2009 klo 15:36.
Profiilia katsottu 930 kertaa.


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