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Infernal black/death metal from Lahti, Finland


Plaguebreeder was born in Lahti, Finland in the year 2010. Vocalist Ardeath, guitarist Hornthrone and drummer Kalmisto decided to form a new extreme black/death metal band on the ruins of their previous band Avafrost. The first songs were composed by Ardeath and they were heavily inspired by such bands as Immortal, Behemoth and Dark Funeral. These songs formed the first demo The Unbreakable (2010). The Unbreakable was a raw and cold demo recorded at our rehearsal place and home studios.

In 2011 Plaguebreeder played the first concerts and composed new tracks. The new tracks required second guitarist and so Mr. Bleedy joined the band. The band's musical style was changing into more ruthless and aggressive. Ardeath did still most of the composing but Hornthrone contributed some new ideas for the next recording. Unleash Hellfire was recorded, mixed and mastered November 2011 at D-Studio with Jarno Hänninen and Markus Salo. Unleash Hellfire was very well received in media (Finland's largest metalzine's demo of the month June 2012, Finland's largest metal magazine: Inferno magazine 4/5) and the band gained a lot of new fans.

In 2012 Plaguebreeder did a lot of concerts and composed new songs. By the end of the year Ardeath decided he would only concentrate on the vocals and composing and thus new bass player Azagrath joined the band.

A lot happened in 2013. In the beginning of the year Plaguebreeder did a couple concerts and trained hard new songs with the new bass player. Plaguebreeder participated a band contest which main prize was to play at Steelfest Open Air with such bands as Mayhem, Tsujder, Belphegor, Sodom and many more. Plaguebreeder won the contest and got to play on the festival. The Steelfest concert has been watched over 1000 times to date at

Plaguebreeder also decided to release the next promo Loath at the same time as the Steelfest Open Air festival. Loath was recorded, mixed and mastered again at D-Studio with Jarno Hänninen and Markus Salo. Loath was welcomed even better by the media than Unleash Hellfire ( demo of the month July 2013, Inferno 4/5, Miasma 9/10). Loath itself was darker, faster, stronger and more versatile recording than the previous ones. Loath also included the first track - Anatomy of Fear- completely written by Hornthrone for Plaguebreeder.

During the Summer and long Autumn of 2013 Ardeath started writing new songs for the next recording. Music is turning into even more vicious, dark and eerie. The songs are faster and the rest of the band contributes more to the music than before. At the end of the year Plaguebreeder parted ways with the bass player Azagrath due to personal reasons and Ardeath took the bass once more.

In the year 2014 Plaguebreeder wrote a lot of new music and did a few selected shows. In August the lead singer Ardeath broke his hand in a motorcycle accident and thus the band had to take a short break.

In 2015 things are looking renewed and Plaguebreeder is determined to release new 4 -track EP before December. Lyrical themes revolve around the Four Forseman of the Apocalypse and the music is more versatile and vicious than ever before. Plaguebreeder has played the new EP twice in selected concerts in Summer 2015 and they proved to be very strong live tracks.

Genre: Metalli

Profiili luotu: 03.03.2012.
Päivitetty: 13.04.2016 klo 21:22.
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