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A youthful & energetic punk rock band from Finland. The band consists of four members, age 17-18. With our young age and a huge passion for music, we've been able to form something very special! That new & fresh sound you've been looking for, a genre where we combine elements from rock, pop, punk and metal.

Of course all of this is done with a huge drive & attitude, so every gig is unforgettable.


Pointless 80 combines surf punk with modern rock & metal tones, creating a new and interesting sound. Catchy melodies, rough guitars and double-bass drums. All the right ingredients!

The band started playing with it's full lineup in the beginning of 2011 (Mats and Adrian had been playing since way back). We had our first gig after a short month, and after the gig we realized we had something special going on.

The band continued to play some shows, and some time after that (summer of 2011 to be exact) we went to a demo studio to record two original songs. By that time we knew that this could really be something in the future, if we just kept our energy. So we continued playing gigs and gained fans along the way. By the end of 2011, we wanted to record some more original stuff, so the EP "Wrong Kind of Hero" including five song was born at same demo studio, and was released in February 2012. This EP can be found on our SoundCloud page, and here on Facebook.

After the EP was released, we continued playing gigs, and then in the summer of 2012, we went to the studio again to record a single including two songs, "The Farmer's Tale" & "Turn Around". These tracks can also be found on our SoundCloud page and Facebook.

Where are we now?
Well, we're here with our energy and attitude, playing gigs and we're currently writing songs for our debut album which we'll start recording in October of 2013. This album will represent the bands new sound, which is better than anything we've written before. Our music needs to be heard. We've got something new & fresh going on, so stay tuned people, we're coming with a boom!

Genre: Rock/Pop

Profiili luotu: 11.11.2013.
Päivitetty: 11.11.2013 klo 11:28.
Profiilia katsottu 616 kertaa.


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