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Teardown on alakuloista "low -mooded, depressive metal":lia soittava yhtye.


Biografia: (englanniksi)

Teardown was formed in the beginning of year 2001. Line-up of the band is still the same, excluding our former vocalist Make. First demo, entitled "Nothing should be wrong.." (2002) was made as a "home-recording". That demo was never published.

Then there was a sort of break in the bands activity. During that the singer Make left the band. Still new material was made and the band decided to record a new demo. This took place in autumn of 2003. Drums were recorded at Akustiikka-house Ylivieska and the rest of the instruments were recorded as a home-recording. The singer in the new demo "Drowned in your tears" is Katja, who joined the band in the same Autumn.

In summer of 2005 Teardown started to record new material. This happened completely as a home-recording. Recording sessions took place periodically and it took a long time to complete all instruments and vocals on tape. Katja's friend Mage participated the recording sessions by singing all backing vocals and playing violin. In autumn of 2006 "Cold rooms" was finally released.
Photograph by Anniina Nissinen

After the release of "Cold rooms" band started promoting itself largely around the globe. Promotion mainly consisted of webzine reviews and some interviews were also done. Record labels also show some positive reactions towards the "then-so-new" material.

In 2007 Teardown began rehearsing more and more to make the band ready for gigging. After few months of heavy training some shows were booked, and the success of our shows motivated the band to rehearse even more and also new songs were made. In the end of 2007 Teardown stopped gigging to concentrate on a new promo CD. Three songs were chosen for the promo, and productive work started in the beginning of 2008.

First a demo of the promo was made and later, on the summer of '08 Band entered Watercastle studios in Jyväskylä for recording sessions. After sessions and mixing, the new material was sent to Chartmakers Oy for mastering purposes. Soon "Cyanotic" -promo was born and ready to roll.

Now, in the fall of '08 Teardown starts a new promotion tour, which consists of marketing "Cyanotic" heavily towards record companies, management offices, magazines, webzines, www and others. Also the tour will include live playing as much you can take!

Genre: Metalli

Profiili luotu: 19.08.2008.
Päivitetty: 19.08.2008 klo 14:24.
Profiilia katsottu 1046 kertaa.


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