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Late Night Rendezvous - RELEASED
06.02 klo 15:30
 The new album "Late Night Rendezvous " is now available for purchase.

Two songs from the album have been made available for online download as well. You can listen to the two songs at the Late Night Rendezvous page. The rest of the album will be released online in the near future.

Send us a message to bluebookfin AT to buy the hard copy. With the hard copy, you will receive one extra song, which will not be made available for online listening.

The tracklist for Late Night Rendezvous is as follows:

1. Loud Enough Is Good Enough
2. Hands of Love
3. Hollywood Stars
4. (Girl) We've Got Plans
5. Never Let Me Leave
6. Newspaper Headlines
7. Home Is Here
8. Words We Can't Say
9. Late Night Rendezvous
BONUS TRACK: Listen Close
15.01 klo 10:30
 Bluebook has joined the Hitlantis. Go check out the Bluebook Hitlantis site from - Keep On Keeping On is available on Hitlantis at the moment, and the new album Late Night Rendezvous will be on Hitlantis as well, as soon as we get it finished.

While you're at it, check out other awesome unsigned bands as well!
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
24.12 klo 10:30
 The whole Bluebook team wishes you a jolly Christmas and an exciting New Year of 2011!

The year behind has had some magical moments at the Bluebook camp. The new record is practically finished, just need the finishing touch. Unfortunately we have had to push back the release, as we had planned to release it this year. We are now looking for a January release on the new record, which is entitled "Late Night Rendezvous".

All in all, it's been a great year, and we hope you have had as much fun as we have had.

Check back soon, for a CD full of rocking melodies!

Genre: Rock/Pop

Profiili luotu: 04.08.2010.
Päivitetty: 04.08.2010 klo 22:50.
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