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Historia: The Random Society was the Bigbeat-Breakbeat-Electro Project of the Finnish producer called Oulamon. Kemijärvi based production began in the 93's when the personal computers became to basic equipment of household. Also they build up stems and melodies with the older gear like Sharp and Commodore 64 with his three older cousins. First pc-based programs thus used was Protools and Fast Tracker 1,2 & 2.1. In 96 he started to play a electric guitar and played in a band with he's friends. Since Suomi-Hip-Hop came about an 1997 Oulamon Started he own solo Hip-Hop & Rap project "Sanansaattaja" and pressed few dozen of copies with it in Kemijärvi early 1999. In 2000 he's friend showed him a program called Fruityloops 2. Since then he was beginning to be more onto the producings side of things. He produced also some Drum & Bass as he did the First The Random Society releases in Finland in 1999. He studied Audiovisual Communications In Tornio Finland from 1999 to the 2001 in decided during the period to become a full-time bedroom producer. He moved back in his hometown and met the Teppo Vertomaa (DUSTHEAD) who was also a producer (TRANCE), by his friend suggestion they tried to do co-operation project and named it the 336 Productions which came from skateboarding team the 336 he was in. In 2003 He moved to Kuusamo and did some part-time jobs on the Local Media-Workshop and other Workshops to fund he's gear needed and to pay his rent. 2003 he met a Finnish rapper Hypnoosi. They made some Suomi-Hip-Hop songs together. In the same time he heard he's cousins cousin Joni Paloniemi (JPEACE) who lived also in Kuusamo we're also into rapping but in English, they also made some co-opreations. 2004 he met his girlfriend of that time, whose sister was practising to become a cello-teacher. He's girlfriend was also very into music those days and played some piano and taught him how to play a piano. In 2004 Teppo Vertomaa followed him to Kuusamo to study the Audiovisual Communications and became his flatmate. They released a bunch of electronic music together in 2003-2007, Trance, Psybient and some other experimental genres. In 2006 he and Teppo got invitation to come to play to beachparty in Kemi (FINLAND), Teppo didn't want play in those parties and with JPEACE they decided to make a collaboration set for it. After the of the first gig was over, he decided to to follow he's dream to even further and moved in the North-West Finland, OULU. He started produced more electro than Hip-Hop as the EDM was taking over the Hip-Hop. He worked local Bong-Store with he's friend and a boss for some time. He's boss also had a label called Luomu Records which was very well known UG-Rap and Reggae label on that thime and started to dig his tunes and soon after that they signed him to the Label. In 2008 thrive recordings tried to sign him in to major music but he didn't sign the contract beacause the lack of material. He moved back to Kemijärvi 2008-2009 and started to perfect his producings. 2012 he started he's own label The Random Society Recordings and we're learning how to produce Drum & Bass. Little bit later after that he made his first global releases and got signed to electronic music label the Speedsound. The Random Society was beginning to take a form of a Drum & Bass brand in 2013-2014 and in 2016 he estabilished the Drum & Bass group Lame Suckers and he invited some drum & bass producers and dj's to be a part of it and asked them to make a podcasts for the show Lame Suckers Radio. Lame Suckers grew fast to a label and a brand of over 3000 followers on soundcloud and released music with different type of contract of The Random Society, 4LB, Wocal.. He also just recently got signed to Geomagnetic Label Group, the label have released the Drum & Bass artists such as Nickbee & Ruin, other artists for example Shpongle, Astrix, S.U.N Peoject and LSD as The Random Society Recordings is celebrating it's 5 year passage. 2021

*The Random Society is TOP#1 on the top indie artists 7.5.2015 !

*TRS-Records over 400 000 plays [] -OLD STATUS

*The Random Society Reocrds is 1ST label by plays on Versionists network when it was working over the internet.

*The Random Society remix was third of the most popular DARK-STEPS on Soundcloud.

*Approx. 2.4M Soundcloud plays (2012-2021)

*The Random Society/Masters Of Sound performed in August 2008 @ Kemi Beachparty Finland with Jpz^ and palyed drum & bass. + Jpzs trap set to 200 people.

-The Random Society is playing on the Emergency FM , Mikseri Net Radio, Renegade Haus, Bass N' Radio, Bassport FM, Universal Radio and Versionist Radio, bluebeats fm, mika FM + FM [US]

*XZY (drops of imagination) is top 10 ranked neurostep on Soundcloud.
- Featured on Exposed Vocals, EDM-Bureau, Ultra Music Soundcloud(UMF)
-Reverbnation Local & National rankings, Drum & Bass alliance.

*The Random Society is Local Rank #1 / National Rank #4 / Global Rank #421 (REVERBNATION)

- The Random Society / JPZ^ are #10 bestselling drum & bass on DJ-Tunes in spring 2016 / Along side with Current Value, Logistics Ect..

and #9, Orange Is New Black VIP MIX #2 current chart with Release XZY (Drops Of Imagination) EP

- The Random Society Transmission DEMO EP track Transmission Feat. Jay Peace is #2Drum & Bass charts on Soundclick (FALL 2016)



Statics are a little bit old : NO FUTURE UPDATES !


We are on hiatus :


Drum And Bass In Europe03.11.2015 klo 05:30
Black and hard records julkaisi levyn Drum & Bass in Europe missä tavataan The Random Societyn & JPZ^ yhteis raita No. 2.
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