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Story is based on research material of Abner Barnaby's. Abner has been missing for years now. Her family believe that this research is somehow the part of the puzzle, which might lead on to Abner's footsteps...
Research material includes the set of diaries and hundreds of different kind notes. The main part of the notes has been written by Abner. Hand drawn diagrams and timelines between happenings and people involved. Statements of eyewitnesses, reports of police departments and patient records of psychiatric prison. Copies of old newspapers articles and maps from different parts of Europe. Also references in books of church, some historical notes and tales of people in Meadow Village is used to gather the pieces together to make one picture.


My name is Abner Barnaby. I have a little bookshop on Noel street. I buy books cheap and selling them with a little profit. Sometimes I do little background research, if book seems to be somehow interesting. If I have story to tell about the book, I get much better money. Customer is happy, I am happy, everybody is happy. That’s the win-win situation.

The first diary. I don't even remember, where did I have buy it, or when did I get it on store. But there it was, on a discount sale shelf. It really caught my attention. I'm interested in read paranormal phenomena. I got feeling, that this little piece of art, would bring me some real money. I took the book in my hands and I opened the first page. The more I read, the more I wanted to go on. Time passes by and days mixed with nights. I started to do full time research, to get to know, what are the real story behind the book. Did these things really happened or are they just writings of someones too high flying imagination. The diary became a real obsession to me. I gave a name to my research: ‘Poetry and Portrait of Postmortem’. Next I spend the whole awake time with my background investigations. A few weeks later, I was once again browsing those old newspapers in library. It was like splashing into the crystal clear lake water to cool down on a hot day. Finally I found some documentary evidence for my research. I thought that maybe this will pay of my hard work. At that time, I didn't think how easy it is swim too far away from shore. I've been pulled down, below the level of life, into the dark waters...

Genre: Metalli

Profiili luotu: 12.03.2014.
Päivitetty: 07.02.2015 klo 13:14.
Profiilia katsottu 848 kertaa.


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